Keene State College



Geoffrey Brailsford

“Keene State is easy to fall in love with. The classes are great and professors are always around to help you out. You will make connections and develop skills you are sure to use in the future.”

– Geoffrey Brailsford, Graphic Design

Academic Resources

Keene State is rich with new facilities and remarkable people to help inspire the life of the mind. (And the food is good, too.)

The Science Center

Completed in 2004, demonstrates KSC commitment to the dramatic new ways that science is practiced, demonstrated, and learned. Its high-tech resources are housed in a variety of spaces for group work and inquiry-based learning, with new labs for physiological ecology, molecular biology, analytical geochemistry, and environmental chemistry, along with a greenhouse, weather station, and other facilities. An open-air courtyard replicates geological and biological landscapes of New England. Key to the success of the new building are Keene State’s extraordinary science faculty and their students.

Information Technology

Keene State students use technology to complete course work, access class lectures and syllabi, do research, perform student services and administrative transactions, and communicate. All students are provided with an e-mail account, HelpDesk support, LAN/WAN and Internet access, access to computing labs on campus, and My, the student portal that helps them track which courses they need to take for their degree and how many credits they’ve accumulated. All residence facilities are wired for Internet connection; about 92 percent of residential students own a PC.

Mason Library

the Mason Library is the Grand Central Station of learning, offering an enormous collection of books, periodicals, CDs, videos, DVDs, and online databases that provide access to journals and newspapers beyond those available on the web. The library, which has wireless web access throughout the building, also houses the Cohen Center for Holocaust Studies, the Orang Asli Archives, the Curriculum Materials Library, a media room, spacious areas with skylights or floor-to-ceiling windows, and big chairs for reading.

Media Arts Center

KSC recently renovated a campus building to create a Media Arts Center at the heart of the campus. The departments of journalism, film studies, communication, and graphic design share state-of-the-art technology, broadcast facilities, and studios.

The Zorn Dining Commons

Opened in November 2005, seats 900 students. Fully air-conditioned and surrounded by natural light, the two-story building offers dozens of menu choices daily and has become a favorite gathering spot for students, faculty, and staff.

Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

One of the nation’s oldest Holocaust Resource Centers, founded in 1982. It houses a collection of books, films, and other media, and offers lectures, discussions, workshops, and other educational opportunities for Keene State students, teachers from around the world, and the community.

Redfern Arts Center

Keene State College is a regional center for the performing and visual arts. In the Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond are four theatres, eight art studios, a modern dance studio, band and choral rehearsal rooms, practice modules, scenery and costume shops, an electronic music studio, a photographic darkroom, a printmaking studio, and a reception and lobby area. It’s one of the busiest facilities on campus – day and night.

Thorne Art Gallery

The Thorne Art Gallery features two skylit halls providing exhibition space for works of regional, national, and international significance – including an annual show of art by Keene State students. The gallery regularly includes works and exhibits by artists from diverse backgrounds.

The Film Studies Library

The Film Studies Library provides film majors with a vast collection of 16mm film prints, DVDs, VHS tapes, laser-discs, film scripts, production and critical-studies journals and texts, and an extensive film and video production facility, including postproduction DVD authoring tools.

Putnam Arts Lecture Hall

At the Putnam Arts Lecture Hall, the KSC Film Society runs a year-round, weekly film series. Putnam is equipped with 70mm projection capacity and Dolby digital sound.

Language Learning Center

The Language Learning Center has learner-centered workstations that enable students to access global resources and prepare for study abroad through an interactive immersion experience.

KSC Child Development Center

The KSC Child Development Center provides childcare for the families of many students, faculty, and staff – and real-world experiences for students working to become teachers.

The Small Business Institutes

The Small Business Institute supports management students working in teams as consultants to local businesses.

Keene State College Arboretum

Our arboretum is a diverse laboratory of plant specimens for botanists and horticulturists. The rest of us just enjoy the beauty of the flowers and trees.